Manufacturing Facility & Contract Manufacturing

Manufacturing facility:

The manufacturing units are located at Budaun in Uttar Pradesh and Silvassa near south Gujarat. Our units are well equipped multipurpose units having all the necessary facilities to manufacture Essential Oils and Aroma Chemicals meeting the International Standards.
Gem aromatics practices a broad portfolio of complex technologies and application capabilities, some examples are,


  • Acetals & Ketals Acylation

  • Aldol condensation Alkylation

  • Baeyer-Villiger reaction Claisen-Schmidt reaction

  • Cyclisation Darzen condensation

  • Dehalogenation Dehydration

  • Diels-Alder reaction Doebner reaction

  • Dehydration Esterification

  • Epoxidation Friedel – Craft reaction

  • Grignard reaction Halogenations

  • Hydrogenations Knovengeal reaction

  • Oxidation Prins reaction

  • Reductions Rearrangements